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+que_toys: d$ - aybs

has been drawing since he was a kid and prefered doodles over notes in college. After study he ended up in a boring research job so eventually switched to be a full time webdesigner.
The designing put the spark back into his creative side and he got involved in make and putting up stickers, stencils and paste-ups... since he doesn't like rain or cold he needed some creative outlet to occupy him when staying inside. so he started doing some drawing, digital designing, stenciling on canvas and recently took up making dolls... aybs still considers himself to be in a developing / trying to find his style phase... but would like to become a proper designer guy when he grows up... if he ever grows up that is :)

... got into Graphic design by 'accident', taught herself all she needed to know and work as a graphic designer since... love spraycans, stencils, stickers, 'graphic novels', anything with bright colours and things that goes 'weeeeeh' & 'yeeeeeeeepeeeeee' and waffles...

H: Who and what inspires you? why?
rrrr _ hard question this one... don't really know. A lot of people ask me the same question but i never realy know how to answer. don't realy think about that stufff... nor do I really care to know the answer myself. I guess everything that estimulates my senses in anyway can be a form of inspiration... basicly i dont care where it comes from as long as i am inspired recently i do tend to get a lot of inspiration from a very cute girl i've met some time ago.
D$ _ Bowie!

How would you define your style?
rrrr _ how do i define my style... geez... I dunnooooooow...
D$ _ !!

Any artist that you would like to recommend?
rrr _ ze questions... all ze questions... *drops down drooling with smoke coming out his ears*
D$ _ all the guys working out there, making the streets looks better!

++++ español ++++

H: ¿Quién y qué te inspira? ¿Por qué?
rrr: esta es una pregunta difícil… realmente no lo sé.
D$: Bowie!

¿Cómo definirías tu estilo?
rrr: no sé…
D$: !!

¿Algún artista que te gustaría recomendarnos?
D$: toda la gente trabajando ahí fuera. Haciendo que las calles sean más bonitas.

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