jueves, octubre 04, 2007

+que_toys: bubbo-tubbo

born Moscow, 1982

1999 – 2005 M. A. in Graphic Design, Moscow State University of Press
Moscow, Russia

2006 – 2007 Chief Designer, UNICORN studio (www.unicornstudio.ru)
Moscow, Russia
2005 – 2006 Chief Designer, BIOS Design Group (www.biosdesign.ru)
Moscow, Russia
2002 – 2005 Graphic Designer, Taboo Design Studio
Moscow, Russia
2001 – 2002 Intern, Direct Design Studio (www.directdesign.ru)
Moscow, Russia
1999 – 2001 Assistant Designer, Letterhead Design Studio (www.letterhead.ru)
Moscow, Russia

• INDEXdesign 2005 (annual catalogue of russian design studios, ‘Index Design & Publishing’);
• SmartMoney, magazine (December 2006, ‘The Wall Street Journal & Financial Times’);
• Touching project (world wide illustrators & screenprinting);
• Contemporary Illustration 2007 (annual edition, ‘Index Design & Publishing’);
• Arriba, magazine (Issue 00006, http://www.arriba.cc/)

• The London Design Festival The Random Project (16 to 27 April, 2007, Homestead Gallery, London);
• International Poster Art (3 to 31 May, 2007, ESC Loft, Rome);
• Cards Project (world wide illustrators making cards for every day, http://cards.c-arts.ru/);
• Naked & Angry (high quality products from patterns submitted, http://nakedandangry.com/);
• ArtStart Social Ads Festival (1—20 March, 2007, Moscow, Russia)

H: How long have you been illustrating, how'd you get into it?
I started drawing this year. For two years I couldn't made myself even take a pencil after studying in the University for 6 years. Then I found flickr and it inspired me to do more than photos.

Who and what inspires you? why?
A lot of guys on flickr, they show you result along with process, you are involved into it. Also I love Rothko, Mondrian, Malevich, Bacon, Bauhaus…

Any artist that you would like to recommend?

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm into creating corporate identity elements for my favourite client, she allows me to do whatever I want to.

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H: ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas ilustrando y cómo empezaste?
Empecé a dibujar este año. Por dos años no podría haber cogido un bolígrafo después de 6 años en la universidad. Entonces descubrí el flickr y me inspiró a hacer algo más que fotos.

¿Quién y qué te inspira? ¿Por qué?
Mucha de la gente del flickr que te muestran aparte del trabajo final también el proceso. También me encantan Rothko, Mondrian, Malevich, Bacon, Bauhaus…

¿Algún artista que quieras recomendarnos?
Sara Fanelli, n8w y Clemen Shabicht.

¿En qué estás trabajando últimamente?
Creando la imagen corporativa para mi cliente preferido. Ella me permite hacer lo que quiero.