jueves, octubre 25, 2007

+que_toys: said wafiq

Said Wafiq. I was born in Brazil at 1983, since I was 17 years old I work as a designer. The beggining of my carrer was dedicated to a Graphic Design degree and nowadays I'm attending an art course, my true passion. My life as an illustrator is very recent. It began when I created a flickr account and met amazing artworks of talented artists. It was the discovery of a new and exciting world. The course of art help on it too. Today, I'm in love with almost all kind of art. Sculpture, painting, street art, toy art, etc. Besides, I still love design and I have my own studio with a partner. On design projects that we work we try to introduce the experience gained with our art projects. I think that is the best way to work with design.

H: How long have you been illustrating, how'd you get into it?
I have been illustrating since I was a little boy with a crayon on hand.

How would you define your style and approach to your work?
I think I don't have a style yet, I'm always trying new ways to do my work.

Any artist that you would like to recommend?
Kandinsky, Calder, Rebecca Horn and the artists in my flickr network.

What are you working on at the moment?
I have a design studio with my partner Niko Fernandez and we are working a lot on it.

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H: ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas ilustrando y cómo empezaste?
Llevo dibujando desde que era niño y podía sostener un rotulador en la mano.

¿Cómo definirías tu estilo?
Pienso que todavía no tengo un estilo definido. Siempre estoy intentando nuevos caminos para desarrollar mi trabajo.

¿Algún artista que te gustaría recomendarnos?
Kandinsky, Calder, Rebecca Horn y los artistas que están en mi red del flickr.

¿En qué está trabajando ahora mismo?
Tengo un estudio con mi socio, Niko Fernández, y estamos trabajando mucho en él.