lunes, octubre 29, 2007

+que_toys: little-lil

I paint as Lil, im 26 and i live in England. Lil started life as my graffiti tag, i paint mainly characters, anything cute and girly, but as time went on i took on Lil as my signature for my other works, with include illustration, painting, plush and vinyl toy design. I have exhibited in many countries including , Israel, Ireland, USA and England. I love to try new medias and take on new challenges, my art keeps me truly happy you can find my work here.

H: Who and what inspires you? why?
I´m really inspired by my dreams from childhood, i love how detailed and vivid my dreams were, and the innocence within them. I enjoy applying this to my street art especially, to create a beautiful scene in an urban and somewhat ugly environment, full of the magic and naivety of childish thought. I like the contrast and the escapism. With all the pressures of adult life, i love to let my mind wander back and to reflect, in my work, the safe and fun world i create for myself. Im truly inspired by the street work of Fafi and tilt also pop surrealists Kathie Olivas and Camille Rose Garcia, and Bubi Au Yeung for similar reasons, there work fires the child in me, there work is fun, colourful!

How would you define your style?
Ha, it seems to be ever evolving! street art based illustration, or the other way around?

Any artist that you would like to recommend?
Si Clark, Mokuroku and Steve Fable.

What are you working on at the moment?
I have several major projects at the moment, including illustrating a children's book, and an exciting toy collaboration project with my friend Steve Fable, starting with plush, we have our first vinyl toy in the works!! And hopefully an exhibition in early 2008 to coinside with our toys release. Check our progress here.

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H: ¿Quién y qué te inspira? ¿Por qué?
Me inspiran los sueños de mi infancia. Me gustaba como eran, su inocencia. Me gusta aplicar eso a mi arte urbano, algo mágico, infantil como proveniente del pensamiento de un niño para crear escenas bonitas en un entorno urbano muchas veces tosco. Me inspiran los trabajos de Fafi, Kathie Olivas, Camille Rose García, Bubi Au Yeung… sacan me lado infantil, son divertidos, están llenos de color…

¿Cómo definirías tu estilo?
Arte urbano basado en la ilustración.

¿Algún artista que te gustaría recomendarnos?
Si Clark, Mokuroku y Steve Fable.

¿En qué estas trabajando ahora mismo?
Esto inmersa en varios proyectos ahora mismo, la ilustración de un libro infantil, un fututo proyecto para la realización de un toy con mi amigo Steve Fable, empezando con peluches y con nuestro primer toy de vinilo en marcha. También, esperamos que una exposición coincidiendo con la realización de nuestros toys. Puede ver como va el proyecto, aquí.