miércoles, enero 21, 2009

Re-inventa letoy: Esty Gertzman

reinventa letoy

Thanks to Esty Gertzman for her ‘re-create letoy’ work

>> What music forms the soundtrack of your life? I'm a bit of old fashion with my taste I like: Radiohead, Beck, Sinead O'connor , Frank Zappa, lately I discovered Amy Winehouse hope she will make more music to us.

>> Pixel or Pencil. Pixel, my Mac is my friend.

>> Your favorite cartoons are… Camp Lazlo a cartoon that's running on cartoon network, I really adore the drawings.

>> Sushi or hamburger. Sushi all the way.

>> You are happy when you are… eating ice cream with my son in most silly places that we can find.

---- español

>> La banda sonora de tu vida sería… Mis gustos son un poco anticuados. Me gusta: Radiohead, Beck, Sinead O'connor , Frank Zappa y recientemente descubrí a Amy Winehouse –espero que ella siga haciendo música para todos nosotros-

>> Ratón o lápiz. Lápiz, mi Mac es mi amigo.

>> Tus dibujos animados preferidos son… Camp Lazlo, los ponen en el canal Cartoon Network. Realmente me gustan sus dibujos.

>> Sushi o hamburguesa. Sushi, siempre.

>> Eres feliz cuando estás… comiendo helado con mi hijo en los sitios más insólitos que te puedas encontrar.

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/* Studio Esty Gertzman

Esty Gertzman. I live in Amsterdam with my husband we have a wonderful son 11 years old ,dog, hipper active canary, fishes no cat. I studied art at the Rietveld Academy for Art in Amsterdam at the sculpture department. In that period and the years after I mainly worked in wood and bronze . Later I began working with the computer making videos, animation and illustrations. Since two years my main focus is on working with felt and wool. I'm making my characters and even sculptures with these materials.

Who and what inspires you? why?
Cartoons and spots and stains are very big inspiration to me. When I see a spot or a stain my mind starts to work and I see a lot of new shapes and forms from these spots.

How would you define your style?
I guess it's kind of cartoonish, I design characters and put then in different situations.

Any artist that you would like to recommend?
There is so many good artists, it's hard to choose a particular one, but the people I feel most related to right now are: Sara Fanelli, Amanda Visell , Kiveta Pacovska.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working on a series of sculptures made from felt and wool, I try to build a new portfolio with this style and then I will introduce these works to places like galleries or art lend centers.

---- español

¿Quién y qué te inspira? ¿Por qué?
Me inspiran mucho, los dibujos animados, las manchas y puntos. Cuando veo una mancha mi cabeza empieza a pensar y empiezo a ver montones de nuevas formas.

¿Cómo definirías tu estilo?
Supongo que del tipo de dibujo animado. Creo personajes y los pongo en diferentes situaciones.

¿Algún artista que quieras recomendarnos?
Hay muchos buenos. Es difícil elegir uno sólo pero aquellos por los que siento mayor respeto son: Sara Fanelli, Amanda Visell y Kiveta Pacovska.

¿En que estás trabajando ahora mismo?
Estoy trabajando en una serie de esculturas hechas de fieltro y lana. Quiero hacer un portfolio con estos trabajos y llevarlos a galerías y centros de arte.

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